Urdu channel occupies an special among all leading literary magazines of Urdu Language. Since its’ premier issues, Urdu Channel has Gained name, fame and popularity. Careful selection of content which encompasses vast varieties of subjects and fields, is a basic reason behind its’ popularity. Since its’ beginning it has started special issues. In this connection, its published, special issues on Babri Masjid, Majrooh Sultanpuri, Gujrat Riots, Naiyyar Masood, Yusuf Nazim, Edward Saeed, Shamsur Rahman Farooqui, interview of Shamsur Rahman Farooqui etc. issues on international literature has also been a clear reason behind its’ popularity. Urdu Channel has published special issues on Iranian Fiction, African Fiction, Kurd Fiction, Fiction of Migrant Laborer’s. Palestine Fiction. It has long lasting imprints on Urdu Language and Literature. It has given special place to leading Urdu Writers and Poets for e,g moinn Ahsan Juzbi, Zaib Ghori, Mohammad Alvi, Saqi Farooqui, Qabil Ajmeri, Mumtaz Rashid, etc. Urdu Channel Has an important section entitled Literature Culture & Society. In this section, Articles on national integration and Societal problems are published. Section of Classic has its unique importance.

Urdu Channel has introduced numerous poets and writers. New comers in literature gets their creation published in its each and every issue. Urdu Channel has continuously given a good place to foreign writers and included their literary work with pride and prestige. It has encompassed the best selection of all those writers, who enjoys the front row position on Scenario of Urdu Language. For e.g. Intezar Husain, Zaheda Hina, Ahmad Mushtaq, Adil Mansori, Saqi Farooqi, Mohammad Ali Siddiqui etc. Urdu Channel has always been publishing literary work of leading writers,